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Health insurance is regulated by the California Department of Insurance.   (Health insurance is included in the class of disability). However, "Health Maintenance Organizations" (HMOs) are regulated by the California Department of Managed Health Care. For a list of health maintenance organizations operating in California, see the California Department of Managed Health Care HMO List. No list of health insurers operating in California is available on this web site at this time. For questions regarding health insurance carriers, contact the California Department of Insurance Consumer Hotline.


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These lists by line of insurance display all insurers writing at least $50,000.00 of premium volume in the last year. To see if a company is authorized to write insurance in California, including the classes for which it is authorized, go to a company's Profile page using the link above.


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The following classes of insurance are numbered from 1 to 24. These numbers refer to the class or classes of insurance identified in Insurance Code Sections 100 through 124:

1. Life; 2. Fire; 3. Marine; 4. Title; 5. Surety; 6. Disability; 7. Plate Glass; 8. Liability; 9. Workers Compensation; 10. Common Carrier Liability; 11. Boiler and Machinery; 12. Burglary; 13. Credit; 14. Sprinkler; 15. Team and Vehicle; 16. Automobile; 17. Mortgage; 18. Aircraft; 19. Mortgage Guaranty; 19.5. Insolvency; 19.6. Legal; 20. Miscellaneous; 24. Financial Guaranty;

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