2005-2006 Automobile Insurance

2005-2006 Automobile Insurance


Automobile insurance is a contract that helps pay for certain types of financial losses or obligations resulting from the use or ownership of an automobile. To obtain this contract (insurance policy), you pay a specified amount of money called a premium. In return for the premium paid, the insurance company agrees to pay certain expenses and legal liabilities depending on the terms of the insurance policy. Having the right insurance coverage may prevent you from suffering a large financial loss in the event of an automobile accident.

When you purchase insurance, it is important to remember to shop for insurance in the same way that you shop for any other consumer product. Make sure to compare prices, features, and reputation. Also, don't ask for "the best coverage." Someone may give you what they think you need, rather than what you actually need. It is always wise to compare coverages on your own to determine the best product for you.

For further information see Consumer Brochure on Automobile Insurance.

Automobile Premium Survey

Section 12959 of the California Insurance Code requires the commissioner to publish and distribute a comparison of insurance rates report of those lines of insurance which are of most interest to individual purchasers of personal lines of coverage.

The survey is in no way an official recommendation of a particular insurer by the CDI. This survey should be used as a guide for the consumers in selecting the best premium and coverage. The premiums displayed in this report are representatives of the hypothetical risks used in this study and may not apply to any particular need.

Annually, the Statistical Analysis Division (SAD) of the California Department of Insurance (CDI) conducts a survey of premiums from insurers offering Automobile Insurance in California. Due to the great diversity of driving characteristics, policy limits, locations, coverage available, and the number of companies writing automobile insurance, it is not possible to publish a comparison for every conceivable risk. Therefore, the staff of SAD developed a set of specific hypothetical risks for various zip codes thoughout the State of California. Zip Codes were selected based on the number of registered vehicles in various regions throughout the state, as provided by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The insurers were then asked to provide us with their annual premiums for these hypothetical risks.

The automobile premium survey is based upon several scenarios or hypothetical risks, which take into account the most common variables used to calculate automobile insurance premiums. Answering the questions that follow will allow selection of the scenario that most closely represents your specific situation.

California law mandates that all drivers carry bodily injury liability insurance of $15,000 per person, with a total of $30,000 in coverage per accident for injuries sustained by others, and $5,000 in property damage liability insurance for physical damage done to other property, such as another driver's vehicle. Policies that only meet these minimum coverage limits are typically known as basic liability-only policies. Since January 1, 1997, California motorists have been required to provide proof of insurance at the time of registration or when stopped by a peace officer.

In addition to offering basic liability-only policies that meet the requirements of this law, companies also offer policies that contain higher liability limits, comprehensive and collision (physical damage) coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, medical payments, and rental car reimbursement coverage. These policies are known as standard coverage.

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For further information see Consumer Brochure on Automobile Insurance .

Low Cost Automobile Pilot Program

In July, 2000, a Low Cost Automobile Insurance Pilot Program was made available to residents of Los Angeles and San Francisco counties. For additional information on this program and the eligibility requirements, click the link above.

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