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Company Performance

In compliance with California Insurance Code § 12921.1, the California Department of Insurance conducted a Consumer Complaint Study of all admitted insurance carriers. The company performance table provides the complaints determined by the department to require that corrective action be taken against the insurer, or leading to insurer compromise, or other remedy for the complainant, those that are found to be without merit, those with other outcomes, and justified complaints. Justified complaints often require additional review, as violations of California insurance laws may exist.

Year Closed Complaints
(TOTAL of Categories 1-3)
Category 1:
Complaints found to require corrective action, leading to insurer compromise, or other remedy for the complainant.
Category 2:
Complaints found to be without Merit.
Category 3:
Complaints with Other Outcomes
  Category 4:
Justified Complaints
2015 452 108 234 110   44
2014 508 112 308 88   33
2013 453 84 230 139   15

Violation Study

The following table represents number and type of violations found, by reference to the line of insurance and law allegedly violated.
Year Line of Coverage Law Section Summarized Description of Law # of Alleged Violations
2015 Automobile CCR 2695.7b Must accept/deny or provide written delay notice within 40 calendar days of proof of claim. 4
2015 Automobile CCR 2695.4a Must disclose all benefits, time limits & possible applicable provisions to 1st party claimants. 2
2015 Automobile CCR 2695.3a File must contain all documents. 7
2015 Automobile CIC 758.6 Insurer capping of paint materials by using unaccepted methods to calculate settlement amount is prohibited 1
2015 Automobile CIC 11580.011 Coverage for replacement of child passenger restraint system; insurer obligation 7
2015 Automobile CCR 2695.7f Written notice before 60 days of expiration of statute of limitations on bodily injury claims. 6
2015 Automobile CCR 2632.13e1 Insurer shall make an investigation of the accident 1
2015 Automobile CCR 2695.7c1 Must notify in writing every 30 calendar days if more time is required to investigate claim. 7
2015 Automobile CCR 2695.5b Must provide complete response to claimant inquiries within 15 calendar days. 1
2015 Automobile CCR 2632.13(e) ?diligently pursue a thorough, fair, and objective investigation? before determining fault 1
2015 Automobile CCR 2695.7d Insurer shall conduct a thorough, fair and objective investigation. Cannot seek unnecessary information from claimant. 4
2015 Automobile CCR 2694a3 In contravention of own rules, policies, procedures, guidelines 4
2015 Automobile CIC 790.03h5 Not attempting to effectuate prompt, fair, & equitable settlement when liability clear. 3
2015 Automobile CCR 2695.8b Must apply standards when evaluating auto total loss claims-see Regulations. 2
2015 Automobile CCR 2695.7b1 Must deny all claims in writing. Must cite statute, applicable law or policy provision on 1st party claims. 1
2015 Automobile CIC 1861.05a Excessive, inadequate, unfairly discriminatory rates 1
2015 Automobile CCR 2695.7b3 Must notify claimant that claim denial can be reviewed by the California Dept. of Insurance. 1
2015 Automobile CCR 2695.8f3 Reasonably adjust the claimant's estimate. 1
2015 Automobile CCR 2694a5 Failed to respond or did not provide a complete response 3
2015 Automobile CCR 2695.8f Standards for the preparation and reasonable adjustment of auto repair estimates on partial losses. 2
2015 Automobile CCR 2695.5a Must respond to the California Department of Insurance within 21 calendar days. 8

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Comparison Data

The information below is for complaints closed during the study period for this insurance company. The table provides the Justified Complaint Ratio, Market Share, Complaint Share, and Index for this company, grouped by the line of coverage the company was authorized to sell in this study period.

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