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This site has been developed to assist insurance producers and applicants in obtaining information about education providers and courses. New applicants can find Pre-Licensing courses to satisfy the 52-hour prerequisite for taking the state exam, as well as, current licensees who are looking for courses to meet their continuing education requirements.

If you already know the name of the Pre-Licensing or Continuing Education provider you are looking for, you may go directly to our Provider List

By making your selection from the drop down boxes below, you will be able to locate information that will assist you in finding courses that meet your educational needs. To perform your search choose either Pre-licensing or Continuing Education, Type of License for which you are requesting information, and method of instruction (contact and non-contact courses are defined as either classroom or self-study). Selecting the Category type offers you a list of courses that may be necessary to satisfy a specific educational requirement.

If you're not sure what course categories are applicable to your license type, go to our License Type and Course Category Matches reference table.

Those items marked by an asterisk(*) are required. However, completing any optional information will refine your search.

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