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Testing Blood Sugar for People with Diabetes 2014 Edition

Why is it important to test blood sugar if you have diabetes?

To control your diabetes, keeping your blood sugar (glucose) closer to normal is important. A high blood sugar level can cause damage to the small blood vessels and lead to problems like blindness, heart disease, and kidney disease. Testing your blood sugar regularly is an important part of good diabetes care.

How should doctors test blood sugar?

Doctors should regularly order the "A1c" blood test for you. The A1c test measures your average blood sugar level over the past 2 to 3 months. Your doctor could also teach you how to check your blood sugar at home using a small meter.

Talk with your doctor and health plan to find out about what other services are available. Many health plans offer additional support and resources for patients with diabetes. These additional services may be educational materials (online and in print), classes or support groups, home blood sugar testing, or phone counseling.

What do the scores mean?

The scores show how well each health plan did at making sure patients with diabetes had an A1c blood sugar test. The higher score means more patients got the right care at the right time.

The scores are based on information from PPO member administrative records in 2012. Some plans also use patient medical records which are often more complete and result in higher scores. Plans that decide not to use medical records are likely to have lower scores.

Look for differences of at least 4%. Smaller differences usually are not significant.

Testing Blood Sugar for People with Diabetes

UnitedHealthcare Insurance Co., Inc. 91% Horizontal bar, 91 units  
CIGNA PPO 89% Horizontal bar, 89 units  
Anthem Blue Cross PPO 86% Horizontal bar, 86 units  
Blue Shield of California/Blue Shield Life PPO 85% Horizontal bar, 85 units  
Aetna PPO 84% Horizontal bar, 84 units  
Health Net PPO 84% Horizontal bar, 84 units  
    rightTriangle leftTriangle
  Score for top health plans nationwide 91% Score that ranks a health plan in the top 10% of all plans in the U.S.  
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