Registration Help:

You must first register your business entity before using the online program.
Multiple users allowed; however, only one username and password allowed for each licensed business entity so you must share the login information. All system email's will be sent to the email address in the registration contact information.

You must create a security question and answer in case of a forgotten password.
Examples are:

What is the FEIN of this Business?
What year did this business incorporate?
What year did you graduate?
Or something more personal.

User name and password are case sensitive.

Some FAQ's:

Q. I received the message "The business entity type selected does not match the entity type submitted with your name reservation."
A. Please call (916) 492-3069 so a name approval technician can change the record.

Q. Why did I get an error message when I entered the licensee's license number beginning with the letter O?
A. Producer license numbers always begin with a zero.

Q. Why did I get the warning message "You are about to terminate the last existing Endorsee for this license type".
A. Per the California Insurance Code (CIC) section 1712.5, the license of an organization licensed as a fire and casualty broker-agent or life agent shall become inoperative upon the removal or termination of the last natural person named thereon, or when the last natural person is no longer eligible to be named thereon in accordance with CIC Section 1647. Unless the license is reactivated by the correction of all deficiencies including, if necessary, the adding of a natural person to transact insurance under the authority of the organization's license pursuant to Section 1661, the license shall not be renewed.

Q. Why can't an endorsement be processed for a Fire/Casualty Broker Agent when the licensee has a solicitor appointment on file?
A. Per California Insurance Code section 1640, a person authorized to act as an insurance solicitor is not eligible at the same time to act as an insurance agent or broker. The licensee must submit a solicitor self-termination form # 417-32 and the appropriate fee to self terminate the solicitor sponsorship.

Q. Why can't I endorse a licensee for the variable contract authority without the life agent authority?
A. You may not endorse a licensee for the variable contract authority without also endorsing the life agent authority as the Life agent license type is required for the variable contract authority.

The variable contract authority may be terminated without terminating the life agent authority; however, if you are terminating the life agent authority, the variable contract authority will automatically be terminated.

Q. Why can't I appoint or terminate solicitors using this program?
A. This feature is not available at this time.

Q. Why can't I self terminate my appointment(s) or endorsement(s) using this program?
A. This feature is not available at this time.

Q. Why can't California residents be endorsed on a non-resident Business Entity license?
A. A nonresident applicant for an organizational license must name at least one person from their home state who may exercise the power and perform the duties under their license. Additional persons endorsed to that license may be residents of another state, but may not be residents of California.

Q. Why can't endorsements and terminations be backdated?
A. California Insurance Code section 1707, Except as otherwise provided in Section 1704.5, each notice of appointment or notice of termination of appointment filed pursuant to this article shall be filed on forms prescribed by the commissioner within 10 days of appointment or termination.

Q. I terminated an endorsee in error and paid the $26.00 fee, do I need to re-enter a new endorsement for this licensee and pay the $26.00 fee again?
A. Yes, you will need to re-endorse the agent with another $26 fee.

Q. I did not receive an email confirming my credit card transaction. How do I get a duplicate receipt from your department.
A. Your credit card billing statement is your receipt of payment. The receipt provided to you at the end of the initial credit card transaction cannot be duplicated.

Q. I entered an endorsee's license number and was unable to process the endorsement due to the license is not valid. How can I get more information regarding the license status?
A. You will need to contact our Customer Services Inquiry Department at 1-800-967-9331. Please have the license number available for our customer service representative.