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Welcome to the Education Provider Online Programs. These programs are designed to allow Education Providers to submit class presentation schedules, prelicensing course rosters and continuing education course rosters. When the Education Provider submits class presentation schedules, the schedules will be displayed on the Education Provider and Course Search service that is available on the California Department of Insurance Web site.

If you do not currently have a User Name and Password to use these programs, you may click on Register to sign-up to participate in the new Education Provider Online Programs. The Education Provider that has both prelicensing and continuing education courses will need to create two User Names and Passwords. One user name and password will need to be created to upload the prelicensing class presentation schedules and prelicensing course rosters. A different user name and password will need to be created to upload the continuing education class presentation schedules and continuing education course rosters.

AGENCY: Department of Insurance

ADDRESS: 320 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA 95814-4309

TELEPHONE NUMBER: (916) 492-3064

If you have an existing EPOP account, please sign in here. If you are new to the EPOP system, please use the link above to register. Passwords are case sensitive.

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