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Scheduling Request Form

Thank you for reaching out to the office of California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara.

If you are a consumer or member of the public with an insurance complaint, question, or dispute, please call (800) 927-4357 or click here.

If your request does not relate to an insurance dispute or complaint and you would like to request a meeting with Commissioner Lara or invite the Commissioner to speak at an event, please complete and submit the form below. Please also attach a detailed agenda (even if draft and tentative) and any other pertinent information for your meeting or event request.

Please allow 7-10 business days before following up on a request.

If you are experiencing any difficulties submitting your request, please call the Commissioner’s Executive Administration Team at (916) 492-3609.

You may also request a meeting with the Commissioner or invite the Commissioner to an event by submitting a formal request in writing to:

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara
California Department of Insurance
ATTN: Scheduling 
300 Capitol Mall, Suite 1700
Sacramento, CA 95814

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