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Thank you for contacting us. If you are a consumer or member of the public with an insurance complaint, question or dispute, please follow this link.

If your request does not relate to an insurance dispute or complaint and you would like to schedule the Commissioner’s participation at an upcoming event, at a meeting or on a teleconference, or as a speaker at an upcoming event, please use the form below. Simply click on the Request Type (Event Invitation, Meeting/Teleconference Request, or Speaking Request) then fill out and submit the requested information.

Due to the large volume of requests, please allow 7-10 business days before following up on the request.

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Meeting Request Information

Each of the proposed participants identified in this meeting request form represent and agree that no information supplied in this form is false or misleading with respect to any material fact. The proposed participants also represent and agree that the information supplied does not contain any misleading statements or omissions of any material fact necessary for the Commissioner or the Department to decide whether to accept or reject this meeting request. Furthermore, each of the proposed meeting participants identified in this meeting request form agree that none of them will discuss, attempt to discuss or otherwise communicate or attempt to communicate with the Commissioner at the requested meeting in connection with any matter or issue pending before the Department’s Administrative Hearing Bureau, the Office of Administrative Hearings, or any other quasi-adjudicative tribunal.

To discuss a quasi-adjudicative matter currently pending with the Department, please direct your meeting request to the office of the General Counsel at (415) 538-4010.

The Commissioner reserves the right to terminate immediately any meeting or communication with any or all of the proposed participants identified in this meeting request form in the event that any of the proposed participants depart materially from the subjects for the proposed meeting or communication set forth in this meeting request form, or if any meeting participant attempts to discuss any pending quasi-adjudicative matters in contravention of the representations of the proposed participants referenced above.

In the absence of an applicable statutory exception, the contents of this form and any materials submitted with this form constitute ‘public records’ within the meaning of Government Code section 6252, subdivision (e) and are subject to public disclosure.

By submitting this meeting request form, each of the proposed participants set forth in this meeting request form agree to comply with each of the conditions contained herein.