COIN Investment Bulletin Program

Application Process

COIN maintains an open window Investment Bulletin application process with applications to be continuously received via the online application located here in the Impact Investment Marketplace. To submit a COIN Investment Bulletin application, please create an account by clicking in the upper right corner of this page, and enter your email where you receive COIN correspondence. If you do not have an active account with COIN, please email us your contact details at coin@insurance.ca.gov

COIN will review applications to determine compliance with the investment policy. All applicants must satisfy the investment policy to be deemed eligible for a COIN Investment Bulletin. In the event an applicant does not meet the investment policy, COIN will communicate the reasons, offer investment guidance, and if desired by the applicant, assist to revise the proposal in a manner consistent with the investment policy, to the extent possible.

COIN will notify the applicant of the results of the investment policy review upon completion of the eligibility review of the application.

Approved Investments

Proposals which are deemed eligible for a COIN Investment Bulletin will be made available through the Department’s bulletin process and communicated to all insurance companies doing business in California. COIN will be responsible for tracking COIN Investment Bulletins.

COIN may request financial and impact metrics annually. If the purpose or the effect of the investment differs from that originally portrayed, COIN reserves the right to withdraw the designation of COIN Investment Bulletins.

Types And Amounts Of Investments

COIN intends to facilitate the offering of a comprehensive array of investment products responsive to capital needs of low-to-moderate income and rural communities, as well as green investments that yield environmental benefits. Accordingly, the COIN investment policy envisions no limit on the type or nature of capital investment which insurance companies may provide to eligible proposers. However, broadly categorized, COIN Investment Bulletins may be versions of debt, equity, or credit enhancement. (See 'Asset Classes & Investment Schedules' for examples of qualified asset classes from NAIC Schedules.)

COIN will not solicit proposals for grants or charitable giving. COIN encourages proposers throughout California to be bold, ambitious and innovative in developing proposals for insurance industry funding which complies with COIN’s investment policy. COIN’s investment policy does not envision a limit on the dollar amount of COIN investment proposals and commitments.

Three Guiding Investment Principles

Investments applying for the bulletin must meet the following three conditions:

  1. Impact Investments must have some percentage of its total capital focused in COIN qualified investment criteria. High Impact investments have 50% or more exposure in California.
  2. Provide either proven social impact to low-to-moderate income people or communities and/or environmental benefit in California.
  3. Provide safe, sound, and solvent investments offering an acceptable risk adjusted financial return for that asset class.