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Homeowners/Renters/Condominium Owners Coverage Comparison

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Would you buy a car without seeing it first? A chair? A pair of pants? Even in an era of online shopping, most people don't want to buy anything without seeing it, or at least pictures of it, first. Yet that's how we almost always buy insurance coverage – sight unseen. Not all insurance policies are alike. That's why we have created the Homeowners Coverage Comparison Tool.

This Comparison provides valuable information about the differences between insurers' policy contracts. It includes summary information and basic policy forms for each insurer's homeowners, condominium owners, and renter's policy coverages that are currently available to the public. It does not include the optional endorsements that an insurer may offer.

Important Disclaimers about the Homeowners Coverage Comparison Tool

Things you should know about this resource:

The summary policy language was provided by the insurer that writes that policy.

You should always refer to the actual policy you receive when you purchase coverage to determine the extent of coverage under the policy. The contents of the comparison charts and the sample policy forms in this resource are for informational purposes only and do not replace, alter or amend your coverage. Your actual policy determines your coverage, not the information presented here.

For each insurer that writes homeowners, condominium owners, and renters policy coverages, copies of the basic contracts and mandatory forms is attached. Mobile homeowners coverage is not included at this time.

The sample policy contracts provided include only the basic contract and mandatory endorsements. Additional coverages or amendments may be available from the insurer.

All insurance policies have limitations and exclusions.

Insurance companies frequently make changes to their policies. Your current policy or the policy you are offered may be different than those shown here. Before purchasing a policy, please check with an agent or company representative to ensure the coverage you are offered is the coverage you want to buy.

A contact number/web link is listed for each company if you are interested in purchasing coverage or have additional questions. Or you may contact an agent or sales representative of the company.

The California Department of Insurance does not endorse or recommend any particular company's product.