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Find an Agent or Broker

This online service allows you to search the list of nearly 400,000 licensed insurance agents or brokers who the Department of Insurance authorizes to sell homeowners, automobile, health, condominium, renters, commercial property, life and annuity, long-term care, and worker compensation insurance.

Use the drop down menus below to select the following:
  • Type of insurance you are seeking (for example, homeowners, renters, automobile, etc.)
  • Lets you find an agent/broker who speaks your desired language (for example, Cantonese, English, Spanish, etc.)
  • Gives you the option to choose from agents/brokers who are located within either 5, 10, 25, 50, or 75 miles of your selected ZIP code or any city in California
  • Tells you which insurer(s) each agent listed represents and, if you need additional information, the insurer's contact information
  • Provides the agents' business telephone numbers and includes a Google map that provides directions to their office locations
  • Provides a link to the Check a License for you to review each agent's license status
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Disclaimer - The California Department of Insurance (CDI) is providing information as a service to consumers. CDI is not endorsing any insurance agent/broker, bail agent or public adjuster. The agents and brokers listed are licensed to sell the line of insurance displayed but may not be able to accept new business.

Additional Tips

  1. This database includes all agents and brokers licensed in California. If you cannot find someone able to secure coverage in your area, broaden the search radius or search a different city.
  2. You may need to contact everyone on the list -- remember that agents work for specific companies, while brokers represent multiple companies.
  3. Nearly 60 companies are admitted to sell residential insurance in California. Check them off as you contact agents to make sure you have reached them all.

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Website Notes

Please note, in addition to contacting local agents or brokers in the vicinity of your home, you may wish to use our Residential Insurance Contact List that provides toll free numbers for over 50 admitted insurance companies that are licensed to sell homeowners insurance. You can contact each of them to find the closest agent or broker appointed with them or get a quote from them directly. Some insurers do not use agents or brokers. Instead, they deal with consumers directly. You may also ask your agent or broker if they are able to obtain coverage with a non-admitted insurer.

If after shopping the market you are still having difficulty obtaining residential insurance, you may want to contact the California FAIR Plan to explore coverage options. Understand that the California FAIR Plan is available to every homeowner as a last option for coverage. The maximum limit written by the FAIR Plan on a residential property for all coverages combined is $1,500,000. Because the coverage provided by a FAIR Plan policy does not cover all the perils insured under a traditional policy such as theft or liability, you may want to consider purchasing a Difference in Conditions policy in addition to the FAIR Plan policy. Even after you have secured coverage with the FAIR Plan, continue shopping as there may be comprehensive insurance available for you.