Homeowners Insurance Comparison Tool

The Homeowners Insurance Comparison Tool provides assistance for those shopping for homeowners, condominium, renters, or earthquake coverages.

It is based upon several scenarios, or hypothetical risks, that represent the most common variables applied to homeowners, condominium, renters and earthquake insurance premiums quoted today. It provides you with a general cost comparison between insurers and lists a number of insurers offering the coverage selected.

In addition to the discounts and credits to the rate that may apply for each individual company, many insurers also apply a surcharge to the premium for homes located in areas with a comparably higher risk for wildfires. Those wildfire-related surcharges can range from 15% to over 300% depending on a home’s vulnerability to the risk of wildfire and are not reflected in the premiums shown here.

If you want to get the exact premium for your home, you will need to contact an agent, broker or insurer representative who can tell you if your home is eligible for coverage and can give you a detailed quote.

Another Department tool that provides valuable information about the differences between insurers' policy contracts and coverage summary information is the Homeowners Coverage Comparison Tool.

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