2024 Automobile Insurance


Automobile Insurance Comparison Tool

Section 12959 of the California Insurance Code requires the commissioner to publish and distribute a comparison of insurance rates report of those lines of insurance which are of most interest to individual purchasers of personal lines of coverage.

The automobile insurance comparison tool is based upon several scenarios or hypothetical risks, which take into account the most common variables used to calculate automobile insurance premiums. Answering the questions that follow will allow selection of the scenario that most closely represents your specific situation.

The Commissioner’s Gender Non-Discrimination in Automobile Insurance Rating Regulation, effective January 1, 2019, mandates that all automobile insurance companies operating in California eliminate the use of gender as a rating factor.

This tool in no way is an official recommendation of a particular insurer by the California Department of Insurance (CDI). This tool should be used as a guide for the consumers in selecting the best premium and coverage. The premiums displayed in this report are representatives of the hypothetical risks used in this study and may not apply to any particular need.

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