Homeowners Coverage Comparison Tool

Welcome to the Homeowners Coverage Comparison Tool

With this tool, you can compare policies from different companies against other policies.

Included in this Summary is the following information:

  • Type of Coverage – this will indicate whether the company writes its dwelling structure and personal property coverage on an all risk basis or a named peril basis.
  • Required Minimum Limits of Coverage – this will indicate if the company has a specific minimum value on the dwelling structure or the personal property before it is willing to offer coverage.
  • Specific Limits of Coverage on Certain Personal Property – this will indicate whether the insurer’s contracts caps the amount the insurer will pay for a loss to certain types of property such as jewelry or watercraft.
  • Coverage Details – this section provides information about certain types of damage where coverage in the policy may be limited in scope or exclude the loss entirely.
  • Additional Coverages – this section identifies specific coverages that are important to have or to have added to the basic policy.
  • Loss Settlement Provisions – this section specifies whether the policy will replace your property at a replacement cost basis, an actual cash value basis, or some other basis.


You may choose a Form Type from the following drop-down list and then select from any of the insurance companies for your review. You may choose as many as 3 companies at a time if you want to do a side-by-side comparison of the information provided.

  1. First, next to "Form Type", select what type of policy you would like to compare
  2. Then select up to three companies from the column next to "Companies"
  3. After selecting a company, a new column will appear called "Policies"
  4. For each company, select a policy to compare from the "Policies" column to the right
  5. Click "Compare" to compare the selected policies (will be visible after you select at least one policy)

Terms in bold are defined in the Glossary of Insurance Terms.

Visit the CDI Home/Residential Insurance page for additional information about Residential Insurance Coverage.