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Interactive Independent Medical Review Statistics


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The Department of Insurance manages the Independent Medical Review (IMR) program. The data fields can be searched by year, diagnosis, sub-diagnosis, treatment, sub-treatment, or key words such as cancer, autism, etc. While the Department's database for type of sub-diagnosis is extensive, it is possible that no IMR cases were submitted involving some of the categories listed. In such cases, a message will display indicating "No data found".

As the result of the passage of SB 1410, for cases closed after July 1, 2015, additional details will be provided including a case summary, reviewer qualifications, statutory criteria used for the basis of a decision and time frames related to the rendering of a decision. Please note that the "Receipt of IMR Application to Determination Period" includes the IMRO review period and any additional time needed to obtain further information regarding the IMR application such as missing medical records, requisite forms to proceed with the IMR, etc.

We hope that you will find the information to be helpful and informative.